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A complete solution to your health, shape and quality of life.

A Complete System

Most gyms are merely warehouses with equipment. There’s no guidance on exercise, nutrition and motivation. That’s why the average attendance is only 10%. We do things very differently and include everything you need for success:
– Appointment based supervised workouts
– Personalized nutrition and exercise programs
– Continuous one-on-one consultations
– Education based on the latest research

  • Attendance 95%
  • Satisfaction 99%

Our Approach to Exercise

Exercise on a Cellular Level…

The key to success is activating your metabolism. Inside our muscle cells are mitochondria ‘the powerhouse of the cell’ – by activating this you can transform your energy and vitality while burning fat and getting lean.

Most exercise merely scratches the surface of your muscle, only activating the first layer (type 1a). Our exercise is designed to get all four layers (1a, 2a, 2x and 2b) to have a deep impact on a cellular level. This transforms your metabolism, thus giving you vitality and turning up your fat burning cells.

Our Approach to Nutrition

Customized to you…

Our approach incorporates the latest science and we learn from many approaches without a bias. We keep up-to-date on Paleo, Low Glycemic, Low Carb, GAPS, Vegetarian and many other approaches.  Normally it takes 20 years for the latest research to reach the mainstream, we give you the benefits today.

We find out what woks best for you, taking into account your genetics, current health, goals and lifestyle.  For example, some people will thrive on dairy whilst others may have difficulty with the lactose or type of protein. This can be due to genetics (northern Europeans have developed a greater tolerance to lactose) or current health (if you have gut issues, it may be best to avoid the dairy protein). Also some will do very well with starches due to their amylase count, while others will do better reducing the carbohydrate content.

Our Approach to Psychology

A Mental Workout

Take your health to another dimension by using your mind. Often completely ignored, your mind has a huge impact on your workout in two ways:

  1. Metabolism: By using the techniques we teach, you can apply a level of focus that activates way more muscle fibers with every rep, set and workout. The result is an increased metabolism, burning more fat and increasing energy.
  2. Flow: By maintaining this level of focus, it causes you to enter into ‘the Flow’. This is an optimum state of mind where you become “Fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity”